Welcome to ICCI

Italian Car Club of Ireland

Promoting Italian motoring brands and heritage.

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2022 Upcoming shows.

Please keep an eye out here, on the ICCI forum and our Facebook page for upcoming events. We’re hoping to run events as follows:

December 2022 —  28th Dec Midway Service Station for XMAS meetup

For more details please go to the online club forum.

What is Italian Car Club of Ireland?

If you’re an Alfa Romeo, FIAT, Lancia or exotic Maserati, Ferrari or Lamborghini owner then you’re more than welcome to join in and say hello. The club aim is to connect Italian Car owners in a fun, safe and family friendly environment for regular car shows, meets and pre-planned scenic routes.

If you wish to join then please click on the ‘Join’ button above and follow the instructions.

Connecting Italian Owners – Promoting Italian Automotive Brands & Heritage



Give Cathal or Frank or Andrew a shout on email.


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