Club Charter

Who are we?

A group of car enthusiasts’ interested in Italian Marques from all eras.

What is the purpose of this site?

To help Irish owners to arrange car club meets and shows in a family friendly environment

What happens at a car show or meet?

Cars and owners follow an organised route with frequent stops to allow like minded owners swap ideas, parts and contacts to allow us all keep our Bella’s on the road in near perfect condition. From time to time experienced club owners will offer fellow club members advice and assistance at the meets. Each meet, run or show will be posted on the ‘meets‘ section of the forum, a Google map will be created listing the route, way-points and times etc. Members can join or leave as they wish during the event. The club telephone will be manned during the event for members to make contact.

Club Ethos & Rules

While this is intended to be a very informal fun club we do insist members adhere to certain principles. Firstly and foremost is a basic respect towards each other and fellow members property. Members will be from all ‘walks of life’ as as such will have various views on many subjects.This is a car site so we’re only interested in cars! Also, each one of us will have certain tastes on wheels, colours and interiors; so we would ask you respect your fellow members choice of car. But, considering each one of us drives Italian cars we’re all in good company, and each one of us has impeccable taste anyway!

  1. We would ask members to use their discretion when posting comments, avatars, links and images on the club forum. This is intended to be family friendly, so if a post or image is not ‘family suitable’ then it’s not club suitable. If an image is considered inappropriate it will be removed by one of the club administrators or moderators.. and will be followed up with an email or PM just to explain the reason for removing etc. Also, please don’t post profanities/swear words or sexual innuendo on the forums. The forum has a word-censor feature running in the background, it would appreciated if members did not attempt to bypass it or  ‘word around’ it..
  2. During club events, such as shows and meets, we would encourage members to abide by the rules of the road at all times and drive within the appropriate speed limits and prevailing road conditions. All members should ensure their car is fully road legal and safe; cars should display valid Tax/NCT/insurance details. ICCI will not be held responsible for any breaches of the road traffic acts by members.
  3. Club events and meets are intended to be fun, relaxed social family & friend events with members of all ages and backgrounds. We encourage an all-inclusive friendly atmosphere. Please be aware of other members sensitivities and please do keep profanities down and the tone of conversations up! 🙂 We will sometimes have access to tourist attractions/locations or visit private lands; so during an event our club presence should not be considered ‘overpowering’ or intimidating to locals or tourists at any stage. Again our clubs reputation is only as good as how we’re perceived. We do want to be invited back!
  4. Club meets and routes are calculated such that planned routes allow drivers to drive comfortably within speed limits. Routes are advertised on the forum prior to en event in a timetable format to allow members to join and leave an event as they wish. We will do our best to adhere to the pre-planned route/timetable.
  5. Club members are encouraged NOT to swap cars for insurance purposes during a run/meet/event/show. Test driving of cars should be arranged after the show/meet/event please.
  6. During club meets/runs on the public road network NEVER drive such that you put yourself and/or others risk or danger. Please allow adequate distance between cars; keeping in mind that cars braking performance will vary from car to car due to the dynamic performance of each car and the vintage of each car. Anyone who drives in a reckless/unsavory/dangerous/threatening manner will unfortunately be asked to leave the event/convoy to preserve the reputation of the club and for the safety of fellow members & their property.
  7. Club members when driving on private property will be required to follow the instructions of ICCI stewards or land/event owners agents. This includes car-parks, Tracks, event fields or any non-public owned lands opened to ICCI for an event/show whether it be a fee paying event or not.
  8. During event runs we will organise a LEAD and TAIL car with the club logo/livery to ensure all members are accounted for. Members wishing to participate in club events/runs should remain in between these lead/tail cars. This ensures no one gets lost, and we keep our event convoy within the speed limits.
  9. Members/Agents may not sell products or services either online ( ICCI forum) or during ICCI events or represent ICCI without prior arrangement.
  10. ICCI is not liable or responsible for any damages or loss as as result from members exchanging any (free) advice during an event/run/show.
  11. For our vintage, classic (and even modern car members) rest assured ICCI club stewards will carry a section of tools, fluids, jump leads and diagnostic gear in case the unthinkable occurs! This service is offered in good faith and does not constitute a legal transaction/contract. But at all times club organisers will do our best to ensure everyone enjoys the events and gets back home safely.
  12. ICCI meets and shows on private lands shall be covered by ICCI Public Limited Liability Insurance. Details of which shall be provided to Land Owners/Land Agents on request prior to an event. All Charity events shall be covered by Garda permits.
  13. Commercial or business entities may not advertise (products/services) on  the ICCI forum without agreement. Please contact for information on advertising. Individual usernames that register solely for advertising/spamming shall be banned and have the account suspended.

*The ICCI team shall assume that all members who attend an event abide by the club charter and rules.

Welcome, enjoy, have fun, and we look forward to meeting up and seeing your Italian metal in the flesh.

The Italian Car Club of Ireland team.


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When registering please use your FIRST-NAME as part of your username. This is to allow fellow club members to easily identify other members both online and at club events & show. We would like if you could follow this naming scheme as it leads to a more inclusive club with a friendly environment. Thanks for understanding!

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