Happy 60th B-day George

On Monday 20th Aug we all heard the terrible news that our friend and fellow petrol-head, Buster, passed away. We're all devastated, very sad and bit disorientated at this time. He will greatly missed as a friend and always be a huge part of our community.

This section of the forum is a meeting place for friends of George to talk and meet.

(By request this section of forum will be publicly viewable to allow family and friends view our messages)

Happy 60th B-day George

Postby Cathal_H » 24 Nov 2022 10:39

Gone but certainly not forgotten!

Tell ya this lad- we've all some catching up to do... wait until you hear about the price of petrol... AND Alfa Romeo are building electric cars now too :lol:

QE-II passed away earlier this year; but you know that already as I bet you're giving her an ear-full on her Bentley / Jag and MG collection already :thumbs:

We'll have a drink at the weekend to cheer you; or even go for a burn

Talk later dude!
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Re: Happy 60th B-day George

Postby Rory_Mufasa » 25 Nov 2022 13:59

He left a big gap alright :cheers:
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